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Harley Davidson needed to revamp the look and feel of their online training and EXSell was there to create Custom training that lived up to their image..


August 25th 2012
EXSell signs a multi-year business development deal with UPSide Learning to resell their LMS technology...

June 15th 2012
EXSell signs multi-year business development deal with German collaboration technology provider Team Viewer...

We believe that he true value of a company is its people, its human capital. The success or failure of properly managing this human capital dramatically impacts your companies profitability; and until now it has been challenging at best to manage and measure. EXSell's approach to human capital management raises the bar way beyond a learning and registration system to a new business paradigm that uses proprietary methodology to examine best practices within an organization, leverage this knowledge into curriculum, disseminate this consistent knowledge to new hires, and measure profitability and ROI.

To put it simply, we create knowledge transfer in a way that gets your entire team performing at the level of your best people.

To achieve this, EXSell has invested in the development of many products and services to overcome organizational hurdles and offer true performance improvement solutions up, down, and across an organization.

EXSell offers human capital solutions that integrate the best in learning management:

  • Delivering a perpetual training system that leverages the current talent pool to become the training platform of the future
  • Managing knowledge consistently up, down, and across the organization
  • Establishing the newest most advanced interactive learning platform available
  • Integrating performance management goals and directives for a holistic comprehensive system
  • Improving ethics, employee morale, and profits
  • Ensure compliance to prevent potential class action lawsuits and to successfully pass external agency reviews

Our background in interactive gaming, learning management, knowledge management, business management, flash design, compliance and instructional design allows us to deliver deep, rich interactive learning environment that takes bottom line business principles into consideration; delivering learning at a profit.


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